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Earth Akashic Healing

What is Earth Akashic Healing?


There is so much more to ourselves, to our souls, than we are able to access in this one lifetime. Most of us are indirectly taught that our mind/energy/power lives separate from our physical bodies. When we start to understand the mind-body connection, we begin to see all the ways that memories and experiences, from both this lifetime and beyond, are held in our physical form. Energy becomes stuck and this can be from childhood wounding, ancestral wounding, or even collective wounding. When we take time in community with our bodies, it often has a lot to share with us. This is where akashic work begins.


What are the Akashic Records?

The akashic records are the metaphysical history of your soul. Think of them as an energetic library that houses information about our current life, past lives, ancestral lineage, and place in the collective.


How does knowing this type of information benefit us?

Having access to this knowing of self can be incredibly healing. Our body holds so much of our experience, and when energy becomes stuck or congested, it can often result in physical or emotional/mental ailments. This work recognizes that every ailment in the body or mind is tied to something energetically. With this work, we can tune into the body to ask what memories, emotions, or root causes are creating the dis-ease we feel. Knowing the source of the discomfort allows us to better know how to heal it. 


Knowing more of yourself can also be wonderfully grounding and comforting. It allows us to have a better sense of our place in the bigger picture and to release strict ideas of identity or ego that keep us from living in our full, healed potential. Understanding our life source is a remembering of who we are. 


How do we access this information and what do we do with it?

During an Earth Akashic Healing session with me, we will spend time grounding and connecting deeply with your body. From there, I will guide you to the 23rd dimension where matter is less dense, meaning it is much easier to move energy. In this space, I am able to invite your guides to be present with any messages they want you to receive, while they guide me to the root cause of whatever ailment we are focusing on. From here, I am able to call upon the elements and various forms of higher power to quantumly move this energy from your body and have the 23rd dimension transmute it.

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