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Earth Akashic Healing

Throughout my childhood and early adult years, I battled severe anxiety and was prone to frequent panic attacks. This anxiety manifested in my body as horrible digestive issues: unable to keep food down, acid reflux, intense stomach cramping etc. After countless doctors being unable to provide any insight or relief, I started to look into the mind-body connection and understand that there was something deeper that my body was trying to help me see. My physical dis-ease was a product of emotional wounding and undealt with trauma. My body was talking to me – screaming for me to pay attention. I started somatic therapy and worked through a lot of trauma, balanced my nervous system, and created my own daily practices of grounding, yoga, chakra alignment, ritual theatre, etc. On this spiritual journey, I allowed myself to be completely open minded to whatever  the universe had in store for me next. This is when I came across Earth Akashic Healing.


Earth Akashic work is more expansive and goes deeper than any other modality. It allows me to not only understand what my body is communicating, but to identify root causes of dis-ease, and most importantly, quantumly move that energy out of my system. It is immediate healing that provides more relief than I have ever been able to achieve. Things that had felt stuck for years were suddenly lifted out of my body, and I found myself moving forward as my most healed and loving being. Knowing this, it is only right that I share this gift with others.

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