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Earth Akashic Healing



One Hour Earth Akashic Reading

For this reading, we will schedule an hour to spend together (in person or on a video call). Together we will ground and go on a journey to the 23rd dimension. In this space, you will have the opportunity to personally interact with your guides, ask questions, and experience quantum healing in real time.


25 Minute Earth Akashic Reading

Prior to this reading, you will send me a few questions or themes you would like to focus on during your reading. I will go into your records and channel messages from your guides and later share with you a voice recording and notes from what I gleaned in that space.


Elemental Meditation

Available through Yoga Soup, every Wednesday morning 8-8:45 am. During meditation, we will work with different chakras in the body and use the elements & the power of our minds to move any stuck energy. Available in person and online. See further details here.

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